Monday, March 29, 2010

Terminal Press Drops the ZombieBomb!

Terminal Press have definitely placed their stamp on the Zombie genre before and with their newly released, “ZombieBomb! Dead Not Dead,” they have set their sights on completely blowing it away.

The reanimated brainchild of Adam Miller and Rich Woodall, “ZombieBomb! Dead Not Dead” is the first in a series of ZombieBomb! anthologies featuring top creators putting their spin on the cranium-chomping, lumbering legends. Each creative team involved has crafted their own unique interpretation of the subject matter, ensuring fans a diverse and original experience. From classic horror to offbeat alternative to whimsical comedy, the stories and artwork manage to breathe life into the undead and keep the rotting corpses fresh.

"This book was a blast & the art was amazing!! ZombieBomb! Chewed my mind!” – Ed McGuinness (Hulk, Superman/Batman)

“These guys took it to task and Killed it!” – Dan Panosian (Irredeemable, X-Men)

"ZombieBomb! Dead Not Dead" features the talents of Shawn McManus (Sandman/Swampthing), Tomm Coker (Marvel/DC/Image), Neil Vokes (Marve/DC/Image), Jack Herman (Terminator/Elementals), Paul Maybury (Image), Matt Roberts (Image), Jason Copland (Image), Joe Haley (The Underburbs), Narek Gevorgian (Terminal Press / Elite Gudz), Matty Field, Jerry Morrissette, Tony Donley, Tom Whalen, Josh Morrissette, Veronica Hebbard, Anthony Schiavino and Steve Jones.

“ZombieBomb! Dead Not Dead” is available right now at ( Pick up the Exclusive Sketch Cover Variant from the ZombieBomb! booth at the Boston Comic Con (

Visit the Terminal Press Fan Page @

Visit the ZombieBomb! Fan Page @

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Exodus’ Rob Dukes Takes a Dark Journey with Terminal Press

The sickest minds in comic books and heavy metal are dishing up a slice of pure evil this January, as Terminal Press and Exodus’ Rob Dukes combine forces on a raw and brutal new comic – I AM BECOME GOD.

Adapted from an unpublished novel by Dukes, the comic takes its title from Hindu scripture – and its content from the underside of Hell. The infamous quote from which the book is named (“I am become death, destroyer of worlds”) is often associated with the testing of the United States’ first atomic bomb. In actuality, it originally comes from the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu text on the ethics of war. With I AM BECOME GOD, these themes of violence, death and morality have been twisted and distilled into the life of a lone man – a nameless serial killer who leads us through his own dark journey from youth to adulthood.

Told in excruciating detail and without regret, I AM BECOME GOD is an autobiographical coming-of-age story for the damned. Structured around the clich̩ rites of passage for modern youth Рfirst love, school rivalries, higher education Рhere each event is wrapped in blood and gristle, darkness and rage. Dukes and the creative team behind him have tapped into something primal, exploring a man who lives for nothing but his own thirst for death Рa thirst that has no origin, no respite, and no boundaries.

Fans of extreme horror should prepare themselves for one of the most unrelenting visions of a serial killer yet seen in modern fiction, from the mind of one of metal’s most savage frontmen.

I AM BECOME GOD is written by Rob Dukes with scripting by Keith McCleary (Killing Tree Quarterly, Deep Throat, Exodus: Death Begets Death), art by Garrett Adderley (Candy Stripers) and colors by Adam Street (Candy Stripers, Spider-Man, Hulk).

I AM BECOME GOD will be available early 2010 from Terminal Press and on Exodus’ upcoming Tyrants Of Evil tour ( with Arch Enemy. Visit for updates and the Terminal Press Facebook Fan Page ( for a look at some “I am Become God” concept art.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Back in Print

Terminal Press sold out the entire first printing of “Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here” after a heaping load of fan support and positive reviews. For those that missed out on the limited-run title the first time around, TP is psyched to announce a second printing, locked, loaded and available right now.

As part of Terminal Press’ series of limited-run books, “Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here” was only available directly through TP online and convention appearances. The title quickly sold out, but fans and collectors who missed their chance the first time around kept asking for more. With a brand new variant cover by writer/artist Tony Fleecs, everyone involved in the project is happy to get copies into the hands of a whole new audience.

"Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here" takes the cult classic Johnny Wadd character made famous by John Holmes and transports him into a gritty crime drama set in present-day Mexico.

“Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here” is written by Tony Fleecs (In My Lifetime, Wonderlost, Li'l FireBreather), with art by Dave Wachter (Scar Tissue, The Guns of Shadow Valley), colors by Narek Gevorgian (Silent Assassin) and Separations by Joe Frazzetta.

Here is what people are saying about this Terminal Press title –

“It’s damned good. Five out of Six Bullets.”

-Christopher Mills,

"Stop it! Stop complaining that comics aren't good enough. Stop moaning that all you can find is derivative genre garbage. Stop whining about the glut of moronic super-hero books and impenetrable shoe-gazer lit-comix . You're holding in your hands the tonic to all those ills. Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here is the cure you didn't even know you needed. This book makes clear once and for all that not only is Fleecs one of the most exciting young artists on the comic scene, but also one of its best new writers."

-Phil Hester, Writer of the Coffin, The Darkness, The Atheist and FireBreather. Artist of Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, Ant Man, Marvel Teamup and Clerks amongst many others.

"Tony Fleecs is a rising star in comics, and with Wachter's able hands, you've got one of the best reads of the year."

-Joshua Hale Fialkov, Harvey nominated Creator of Elk's Run and Punks the Comic, writer of Cyblade & Vampirella.

“Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here” second printing is available right now and will only be available from ( and at Terminal Press’ convention appearances.
Get more info on all new Terminal Press titles first on the TP Facebook Fan Page –

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Terminal Press Thrashes the Masses with “Exodus: Death Begets Death”

Terminal Press and Nuclear Blast Records have teamed up for their next comics/metal crossover with "Exodus: Death Begets Death."Utilizing the lyrical, artistic and musical concepts from the Bay Area Thrash legends, Terminal Press plans to bring the world of Exodus alive in a big way.

Set in a ruined America of the near future, the story follows two war generals who rule over military fiefdoms the size of time zones. General Scraw controls the west coast, while his twin brother General Scraggg reigns from a seat in Las Vegas. The twins amuse themselves by sending the military’s toughest war toys, the Shovel Headed Kill Machines, into the deserts of the MidWaste to exterminate the human rabble that scrabbles for survival there. But when General Scraw learns that his military has been wiped out by a supernatural being calling herself the Earth Mother, he sends five crazed men who may or may not be the members of Exodus from the bowels of his own prison to stop her.
But many more people will die before the strange woman gets what she wants, and the twin generals will learn the price of their own misdeeds.

"Exodus: Death Begets Death" is a one-shot apocalyptic horror comic loaded with over-the-top violence and a dark sense of humor. Incorporating themes and imagery from Exodus' entire body of work, focusing specifically on Bonded By Blood, Tempo of the Damned, Shovel Headed Kill Machine and The Atrocity Exhibition - Exhibit A, this book promises to teach you a moral lesson -- while kicking your fucking ass.

"As many things as we get to do as a band, traveling the world, getting paid to drink and play thrash metal, I don't think anything can touch being immortalized in our own comic book! I am so stoked about this, you have no idea! This thing is sick and I can't wait for it to come to life for the world to see!" says Exodus' Gary Holt.

"Exodus is the living embodiment of Thrash Metal, doing it right and blowing audiences away to this day. To say getting to work on this project is an honor would be an understatement. It is our responsibility to make sure this book slays and we happily take that challenge on," says Terminal Press publisher and "Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress" writer Brian Ferrara.

"Exodus: Death Begets Death" is written by Keith McCleary (Killing Tree Quarterly, Deep Throat), with art by Russ Manning nominee Rolo Ledesma (Debbie Does Dallas) and colors by Narek Gevorgian (Silent Assassin, Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress).

“Exodus: Death Begets Death” will be available early 2010 from Terminal Press. Visit for updates and the Terminal Press Facebook Fan Page ( for a look at some “Exodus: Death Begets Death” concept art.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Terminal Press’ first Sketch Book brings fans beautiful women and a chance at original art with Adam Street’s ”Epiphany”

Terminal Press has a reputation for working with artists who illustrate beautiful, sexy women (Debbie Does Dallas, Candy Stripers, Deep Throat) and their newest book is overflowing with everything fans have come to expect.

In 2006 Adam Street left his “day job” to color comics full-time. Working for SotoColor, he has colored some of Marvel Comic’s top properties such as: Spiderman, X-men, Fantastic Four and the Hulk. He has also worked for DC Comics, Image, Terminal Press and IDW Publishing.

Though Street is known for his coloring, what many do not know is that he is a budding “good girl” illustrator. “Epiphany” is an expanded collection of his girlie sketches and beautiful color illustrations.

To celebrate the release of his first Sketch Book and give fans a shot at some original artwork of their own, Adam Street will also be doing $5 Sketch Cards for a limited time. His Sketch Cards are 3"x5", done on Bristol paper, with either Copic Grey or Color Markers.

“Epiphany” is available at along with a preview of the 60 page Prestige format book. The Limited Edition print run will only be available through and Terminal Press' convention appearances.

Adam Street’s Sketch Cards are available for a limited time at

Monday, June 29, 2009

Terminal Press adds a unique entry to their catalog with ”Top of the Heap”

Terminal Press has released their newest title, “Top of the Heap,” and once again delivers an unexpected and original twist on what a comic can be.

A circus train crashes in the desert. The animals are on their own. The sun is hot. Food is scarce. This is “Top of the Heap.”

Writer and artist Keith McCleary's latest book puts a new spin on the wilderness survival story, as a troupe of abandoned circus animals struggle on their own in a harsh and unforgiving wasteland. Existing somewhere between graphic novel, picture book, Lord of the Flies and prose poetry, “Top of the Heap” uses lush color schemes and elegant language to weave a haunting narrative with an ending that leaves readers to draw their own conclusions.

Literary and cinematic, bleak and hopeful – “Top of the Heap” is an illustrated book for adults interested in broadening their definition of the graphic novel, as well as younger readers looking for a picture book with a little extra meat on its bones.

“Top of the Heap” is a 56 page Prestige Format, Full-Color Graphic Novel, written and illustrated by Keith McCleary (Killing Tree Quarterly, Deep Throat, Exodus: Death Begets Death.).

“Top of the Heap” is available at along with a preview of the book. The Limited Edition print run will only be available through and Terminal Press' convention appearances.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Terminal Press brings Debuts, Exclusives and Creators to Wizard World Philly

Terminal Press is grabbing some prime real estate on the Wizard World Philadelphia show floor at booth 1000 to show off their three con debut books, a surprise Exclusive and a full table of TP artists ready to sketch for the fans.

Previously unannounced, Terminal Press has put together a limited preview run of their upcoming “Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress” comic for the Wizard World Philly convention. The book contains a thirteen page first-look preview of the title along with pin-ups and covers which are exclusive to this edition.
"Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress" utilizes the artistic vision and lyrical themes of the biggest Black Metal band in the world, Dimmu Borgir, to create a powerful and thought provoking fantasy horror comic book.
This will be an extremely limited run and will be available on a first come, first served basis- no pre-orders or reserve tickets.

The Philadelphia convention will also see the debut of Terminal Press’ newest titles, “Top of the Heap,” by Keith McCleary (Deep Throat, Killing Tree Quarterly, Exodus: Death Begets Death) and “Epiphany,” by Adam Street (Candy Stripers, Marvel Adventures Hulk, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man). Both books will be available to con goers before going on sale at the following week.

Lastly, making its convention debut is the previously web-exclusive limited run of “The Devil in Miss Jones,” along with artist Ken Knudtsen doing original oil bar sketches at the TP artist table.

Terminal Press will be located at booth 1000 at the Wizard World Philadelphia Convention from June 19th-21st. Visit for more info.
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