Monday, April 27, 2009

Terminal Press is Burning Books (in Hellfire) with “The Devil in Miss Jones”

The darkest of Arrow Productions’ film classics, "The Devil in Miss Jones," is the latest and the grand finale in Terminal Press' “HARD/CORE” line of limited-run comic books doing artistic takes on iconic adult cinema.

Justine Jones is a victim of ritualistic abuse by an unnamed cult. She’s held captive in a dungeon, trussed to a stainless steel gurney, where she’s endured unbearable pain and humiliation. After a trip into limbo and a deal with the mysterious Mr. Abaca, Miss Jones' ordeal has only just begun.

"The Devil in Miss Jones" takes the cult classic into the realm of psychological horror with a story that keeps true to the film’s roots while once again adding to the mythos of this classic through the use of the comic medium.

“A lot of people have become aware of this line of books we’ve been working on for the past year and those that have picked them up have definitely given up any skepticism as to the quality or the overall point of us working on these adult cinema classics,” says Terminal Press publisher Brian Ferrara. “Even though they have all been received well, I think Johnny Wadd really broke down the flood gates. Following that up with a book like The Devil in Miss Jones, which just has killer story, art and coloring will eliminate the last of any reservations people have had about picking these books up.”

“Roger Ebert gave the original film a thumbs up and I’m sure he would enjoy this book as much as I do,” says Robert Interlandi the Marketing / Licensing Director for Arrow Productions. If you would like to read Roger Ebert’s review click here.

“The Devil in Miss Jones” is written by Christopher E. Long (Easy Way, Hiding in Time), with art by Ken Knudtsen (I Hate Zombies, My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer), colors by Narek Gevorgian (Silent Assassin) and Separations by Joe Frazzetta.

“The Devil in Miss Jones” is available at The Limited Edition print run will only be available through and Terminal Press' convention appearances.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

If you like to be teased...

Five BIG book announcements coming. FIVE! BIG! Three you may have heard about. Two are going to blow some of you away if you love Metal like I do.

We've been working our asses off and I am just dying to show something, but I can't yet. I'll tell ya' something about one of them - It's the first book Narek and I (Brian) have worked on solely together since Silent Assassin and it's not the new Silent Assassin (although we are working on that too- I swear.) Narek's art on it is crazy and like nothing you've seen him do before.
This is another one of those TP books like Johnny Wadd and the rest of those- it's a cool fucking idea and 10 times better than what you might expect a comic to do.

Have I hyped up this non-announcement enough?
Well, if you've made it this far, I at least owe you something...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tony Fleecs Johnny Wadd Interview @ CBR

Our Johnny Wadd contest is coming to a close very soon, so get your last minute snap-shots in while ya' can!

If you need some motivation...

Read Tony's interview @ CBR -
IndiePulp article on our Johnny -


Grab the 10 page preview, torrent style -
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