Monday, June 29, 2009

Terminal Press adds a unique entry to their catalog with ”Top of the Heap”

Terminal Press has released their newest title, “Top of the Heap,” and once again delivers an unexpected and original twist on what a comic can be.

A circus train crashes in the desert. The animals are on their own. The sun is hot. Food is scarce. This is “Top of the Heap.”

Writer and artist Keith McCleary's latest book puts a new spin on the wilderness survival story, as a troupe of abandoned circus animals struggle on their own in a harsh and unforgiving wasteland. Existing somewhere between graphic novel, picture book, Lord of the Flies and prose poetry, “Top of the Heap” uses lush color schemes and elegant language to weave a haunting narrative with an ending that leaves readers to draw their own conclusions.

Literary and cinematic, bleak and hopeful – “Top of the Heap” is an illustrated book for adults interested in broadening their definition of the graphic novel, as well as younger readers looking for a picture book with a little extra meat on its bones.

“Top of the Heap” is a 56 page Prestige Format, Full-Color Graphic Novel, written and illustrated by Keith McCleary (Killing Tree Quarterly, Deep Throat, Exodus: Death Begets Death.).

“Top of the Heap” is available at along with a preview of the book. The Limited Edition print run will only be available through and Terminal Press' convention appearances.

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